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Santiago Rodriguez Almenara was born on November 15, 1985 in Maracay, Aragua (Venezuela), reared in a spanish family who loved music, he started his musical training at age 7 when he took piano lessons. At age 12, took drums lessons and 3 years later (15 years), he entered the Aragua State Youth Orchestra, sitting in the choir as a baritone.


At that time, Santiago Rodríguez (SROD), aimed to study cello, however, his eternal restlessness and incessant curiosity lead him to venture into the world of 6 strings, playing in secret, a very old guitar that belonged to his grandfather learning self-taught. Later, he decided to devote himself to this instrument and begins to take formal classes in various schools in the region with renowned guitarists. 

In 2003 he experiences being recorded at home with inexpensive equipment with HARLAST name, which later became SROD. In 2006, thanks to family support, built a studio in his house which is his current job, where several Venezuelan bands, rehearse, record and are produced by Santiago. It also provides calibration services and maintenance of guitars with his father. 

After a little more than three years of the formation of the progressive rock band called SEXTO SONAR In January 2008 SROD achieves a solid lineup for the band and for the month of June that year, entering to the recording studio to shape the band's debut album "Enfrentando la Realidad" at the same time embarking on a nationwide tour during the last half of this year. Now he’s producing the new album for Srod and SEXTO SONAR. 

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