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Originally formed by Donald Fleurent in 1993, Talisma quickly gained recognition as one of the most original and promising new bands. One year later their first demo release, simply entitled 1994, received rave reviews by Quebec cities’ Cyclone music revue for having single handedly reinvented the progressive rock genre.

Talisma’s second effort, 1999, featuring performances by jazz musicians Alain Boyer (drums) and Laurent Belec (guitar) offered an exciting and interesting new mélange of musical styles and arrangements. Unfortunately, due to artistic differences the band officially split up the following year.

The turn of the millennium brought the addition of guitarist Martin Vanier and drummer Mark Di Claudio which culminated in Talisma finally blossoming as a musical entity. Now a trio, each member in the band had the room to fully express himself. Their personal chemistry, a deep mutual respect coupled with years of experience and musical maturity enables them to work together seamlessly and efficiently as a unit.

Their 2003 release, Corpus (a completely instrumental album save for two tracks that offer scat style female vocals) takes the listeners on a musical voyage that touches on almost every musical style imaginable - rock, jazz, latin, classical, as well as various ethnic influences - and landed them their first record deal with Unicorn Records.

While weaving through different time signatures and musical tapestries, Talisma creates groundbreaking new soundscapes that are at once structured, yet free. The band is now hard at work on their fourth effort, which is due out in spring 2004 and promises to be one of the year’s most exciting musical endeavors. 

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