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Rick Miller


Rick Miller has been composing, producing, performing and recording since the early 80s. Having produced a great deal of instrumental music for various AV productions, in 1982, he released “Starsong,” a new age keyboard, instrumental work that sold over 30,000 copies worldwide through Vital Body Marketing of Manhassett, New York. 

Throughout the 80s and 90s, Miller gained a great deal of production experience while working at Sound Design Studios in Toronto, then later in his own studio in Lakefield, Ontario, all the while honing his skills as a singer, songwriter.

Early in the new century, Miller turned his attention to his first love, Progressive Rock, the music he grew up listening to. Between 2004 and 2009, he released 4 CDs in the prog rock genre, the latest being “Falling Through Rainbows.” His style can be considered to be about halfway between Pink Floyd and The Moody Blues, and although there is certainly a modern edge to his work, there is no doubt that his major influence comes directly from the 70s. All of Miller’s CDs feature an assortment of guest musicians and singers that typically add their own flavour to each piece they work on.

Rick Miller currently lives and works in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada and is married with 3 teenage children. 

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