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Snarling Adjective Convention


Snarling Adjective Convention is an adventurous group of talented artists who are fiercely experimental in their approach to music. Combining elements of avant-garde jazz, metal, dark ambient, psychedelic, prog rock, and funk, the ensemble consists of five instrumentalists who are well known in both experimental and progressive rock circles: Roger Ebner (wind synth, sax), Joe Kopecky (guitars), William Kopecky (basses), Dan Maske (keyboards, trumpet, flute, percussion), and Craig Walkner (drums). William's wife Sophie appears as a special guest on two tracks to contribute haunting spoken word performances en francais. 

Snarling Adjective Convention’s spontaneously composed debut CD Bluewolf Bloodwalk is a startling collection of sinister, cutting-edge works of art that bristle with dark energy and virtuoso playing. Invoking the ghosts of

70’s electric-era Miles and gloomy French sound sculptors Shub Niggurath, Bluewolf Bloodwalk offers the fearless listener an unforgettable and visionary musical trip. 

Roger Ebner is an exploratory musician who has forged a unique sound on his wind synthesizer and saxophone. His daring and engaging performances as a member of the dark ambient project Yeti Rain have earned him critical acclaim around the world. Yeti Rain’s debut CD Discarnate was released in 2006 on Unicorn Digital. 

Joe Kopecky is a gifted guitarist who is equally adept on either 6 or 7 string guitars. He has garnered considerable praise worldwide for his complex, fluid, and intuitive style as the highly original guitarist for KOPECKY, whose 2006 release Blood was also released on Unicorn Digital. Joe also performs in Secret Society of Starfish and Kopecky/Blake. 

William Kopecky is known internationally for his expressive bass playing. His extensive discography includes CD’s by Par Lindh Project, KOPECKY, Far Corner, Michael Angelo Batio, Parallel Mind, Yeti Rain, and many others. On Bluewolf Bloodwalk, William plays both fretted and fretless electric basses. 

Dan Maske is a doctor of music who is chief composer/bandleader for the rock-in-opposition group Far Corner. Dan’s devastating technique on keyboards is in evidence on Bluewolf Bloodwalk as is his cool and confident trumpet playing. Dr. Maske is also the author of the book Progressive Rock Keyboard. 

Craig Walkner is a forward-thinking, award-winning drummer who performs with finesse and subtlety. But make no mistake; he also has a lethal groove and killer chops. In addition to SAC, Craig also plays drums in Far Corner and Yeti Rain and tours with the dreamy art-pop group Two Loons For Tea. 

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