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Parallel Mind


Parallel Mind is an American instrumental progressive rock trio whose compositions are intense and complex, yet still accessible and powerfully melodic. Inspired by virtuosos like Yes, Rush, and Planet X, the band creates a fresh and modern sound that's both forward-thinking and hard-hitting.

Parallel Mind consists of three outstanding instrumentalists: drum prodigy Joe Babiak (who also plays trumpet and flugelhorn), keyboard wiz (and recording engineer) Nibandh Nadkarni, and veteran prog bassist William Kopecky (KOPECKY, Par Lindh Project, Michael Angelo, Far Corner, etc).

Parallel Mind has been electrifying audiences in the Chicago area (they played the coveted slot at the Rush VIP party at the Tweeter Center) with their original and uncompromising music, and since their breakthrough performance at Milwaukee's Prog Society Showcase and their subsequent live concert on WMSE's Planet Prog radio show, they have earned a reputation for putting on high-quality shows that showcase their excellent musicianship and compositional skills.

Parallel Mind's debut CD Colossus ADEA will soon be released by Unicorn Records. The record consists of five compositions, totaling over one hour of serious and thought-provoking progressive rock music. 

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