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Pictorial Wand


Mattis Sorum`s Pictorial Wand started out in 2006 with the release of the double concept-album "A Sleeper`s Awakening" with as much as 17 participants! The debut-album got fantastic critics all over and was nominated for "Best foreign album" in ProgAwards 2006 in Italy. 

All music is written by the norwegian Mattis Sorum, which brings with him different instrumentalists and vocalists to play the parts he do not master himself. The man himself plays all guitars, bass and synthezisers. 

3 years after the highly succesful debut-album, the second album "Face of our Fathers" is released. Yet another concept-album and this time Mattis has brought with him four vocalists to sing their roles, building a classic rock-opera. 

The music varies from acoustic to metal, combined with violin, cello, flute and the beautiful old analogue synths. The trademark of the music is maybe the extremely diverse and strong arrangements and melodies. 

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