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Junk Farm


Junk Farm was called into being on a boring student party in summer 2001. Guitarist and singer Benjamin Schippritt: "It was supposed to be the best Jazz band in the Ruhr district, the great industrial area in western Germany. But it's obvious that we didn't really stick to the plan. Looking back to our Metal roots, it's no surprise at all." Junk Farm became a band, that combines Rock and Metal with Jazz and Funk. Marvellous melodies and dissonant harmonies alternate. Very often their driving grooves move across broken measures. Always in search of the perfect musical "kick", they create a modern sound that keeps its distance to the Dance-floor-two-chord-only-monoculture as well as to those Jazz- and Rock-traditionalists.. With their unique style you cannot place them into a box... It breaks all the borders between demanding, experimental compositions and catchy tunes with ease, spiced with caustic-sarcastic lyrics.

After their critically acclaimed Unicorn Digital debut album "Ugly Little Thing", Junk Farm now presents their very new output "Didn't Come To Dance". On this album Junk Farm put all their energy into 13 songs, which are meant to be "in your face". In the typical Junk Farm manner, they cover a great variety of styles on a skilled playing level, without loosing the red line and the main topic "Power-Rock". If you ever wanted to know how it feels to be a stalker, how it is to talk to yourself, what do girls hide in their purse, what it means to grow old or how to write a love song ;-) .... this and much more is covered on this album. Although the music is complex, it is very catchy and easy to listen to. But not to much cause you know: They didn't come to dance!

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