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The GOURISHANKAR was formed in 2002 in the small provincial city Syktyvkar by guitar player Nomy Agranson and keyboardist Doran Usher.

Since that time the band have recorded on EP and two albums based on classical Russian poetry, translated into English.

In the fall 2002 the band self-released debut EP album Integral Symphony with Igor Rayhel on vocals and Paul Gen on bass guitar.

In the fall 2003 the band met with vocalist Vlad MJ Whiner and invited him for the recording sessions of the LP 'Close Grip'. The album was recorded with Gentle Giant's "For Nobody" cover track as a bonus.

In 2006 the LP was remastered and the band is planning to release it in a near future.

Between 2004 and 2006 the band recorded their second album "2nd hands" a demo was sent to UNICORN DIGITAL and a deal was signed to release that CD in March 2007.

The Gourishankar Members are also busy taking part in different local musical performances and "non progressive" projects.

The music of the Gourishankar - is the music of northerners, who are living on the joint of Europe and Asia, near the Ural Mountains. The musicians of the band call their music "The music for mystical dancing in the opium saloons", Up to this day, the creativity of the Gourishankar is based on the progressive rock basis. The musicians experience life through unexpected enlightenments, reflection and meditation, spontaneous insights. In their music The Gourishankar are trying to unite the rationality and evolutionism of the West and Eastern mysticism and Spontaneity.

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