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Bleed in Vain


Starting to play bass at the age of 18, Richard met and played with several progressive rock and Jazz rock musicians during many years in the Montreal (Canada) area. He participated to hundreads of studio recording sessions, had some articles written about his bass playing and melodic/composition approach in the Guitar Player Magazine (January 1986) and Canadian Musician (1990) to name a few. 

Richard played on the first and second album of the Prog band MYSTERY , founder of the Jazz-Rock band named SOJOURN in 1990, produced their first album, he toured in France in summer 1991 and 1993. Richard also composed music for television as well as being an music arranger for several singers.

On his latest work “mood swings”, Richard demonstrates his strong composing approach and certainly creates many kind of moods which will not let any Prog and Prog/jazz fans indiferent at all. 

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