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Antoine Fafard


Antoine Fafard is a composer and performer from Montreal (Canada) now living in London (UK). Antoine composes background music for television and performs as a session bass player. Since the late 1990s, Antoine's personal music has been expressed through the band Spaced Out with whom he acts as a composer/arranger and performer on the electric bass. The band released five studio albums to date and has performed in international festivals such as the Nearfest in 2002 (USA), the Crescendo Festival in 2006 (France) and at the FMPM in 2008 (Canada). 

In the year 2010, Antoine rediscovered the classical guitar, an instrument he played for a few years as a young musician before switching to the bass guitar. Also in 2010, he acquired a new bespoke instrument: a 6-string fretless bass made by Martin Petersen, a London-based luthier. Inspired by those two instruments, Antoine composed new music which now consists in the collection of pieces available on Solus Operandi. 

While recording this new music, Antoine took the opportunity to ask some of his long-time musician friends and new collaborators to contribute to the album. The album features musical drumming legend Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Mike Stern) on three tracks as well as guitarist Jerry De Villiers Jr and drummer Magella Cormier, known for their work with Canadian jazz musician Alain Caron. British jazz-fusion virtuoso guitarist Tom Quayle also collaborated on the album. 

Solus Operandi takes you into a deep, fresh and sometimes intense musical journey. The musical styles on the album are varied and include African rhythms, flamenco, funk, fusion, jazz, latin and more. Exciting improvisation and performances are present throughout… it's now there to be discovered! 

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