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Code 18 is a Canadian prog-rock band from the Outaouais region, in Québec, Canada.

It was formed in 2008 by Johnny Maz to record his musical ideas. He chose very talented musicians to help him on this project : JF Rémillard to perform the guitar duties, and Bönz on bass and vocals.


JF Rémillard

JF was already fascinated by music at an early age and, by the time he turned 11, after a few years of the 'mandatory piano lessons', he finally started playing guitar. His early influences were Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix, to name just a few. He played in a few bands over the years, but his main interest was always music composition featuring complex harmonies and rhythmic patterns more commonly found in jazz fusion and progressive rock. In 2008, JF had the chance to meet Johnny Maz, a skilled musician who shares his passion and who has the drive to make things happen.



Bönz has been working with Johnny Maz on a number of projects and bands in the Ottawa music scene. Starting out as a singer in his late teens, he was soon attracted to bass guitar and has been performing both duties ever since. His quest for character and tone is matched by his pop sensibility; breaking new personal grounds in these songs he explores the dark, sometimes subtle, sometimes aggressive side of his singing persona.


Johnny Maz

For as long as he can remember, Johnny has composed music. He started with classical pieces and moved on to progressive-rock as a teen after having discovered Dark Side of the Moon and Tarkus.

Computerized recording provided a limited sound in the 90's. As technology evolved, it was time to take the dust off of previous recordings and involve other musicians to bring out the real potential and enhance the music. This search resulted in a collaboration between excellent musicians that became Code 18.



Human Error!


Some of the songs on the album were composed as instrumentals when Johnny was a teenager. Over the years, the songs evolved, and when Johnny’s wife suggested to write a concept album about the US taking all the water from the Great Lakes because of the drought in some states, he started adding lyrics and write new songs.  All the parts were recorded between 2008 and 2016, and the mixing process took several years too (from 2014 to 2019), as Johnny was always busy with other “live” projects.

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